Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have you Ever....

wondered how other mom's do it?
I mean I'm not too much of a slouch, but sometimes things in my life just don't measure up (even to my standards). No, this isn't about the hubby again!
I mean, you see it everywhere.....
The perfect house, on the perfect land, with just the right shade trees and gardens and grass.

The coolest interior designs, with the coolest paint colors, furniture, and art on the walls.
The best looking kids, with the cutest clothes, organized closets and toys (creative little boogers who make cool things to put in the most artfully designed rooms).

The hostess with the mostest, dressed to the nines, with the coolest hair cut and color, youthful skin to die for, and time to do so many entrepreneurial things (can you say extra cash in the bank)

The healthiest mom, with no extra pounds, who feeds herself and her family with local, healthy, organic foods (and the kids LOOOVE it!!) and makes the best dishes for get togethers.

The mom's who can get themselves put together in 30 minutes (from shower to shoes) and then make a great breakfast, pack lunches, make sure everyone has everything for their day and then of course has dishes done, kitchen cleaned, a 45 min workout, 2 (minimum) loads of laundry, vacuuming, dusting, lunch, carpooling, homework, refereeing the kids, dinner on the table and kids bathed by the time her hubby gets back home from work.

Uuuurrrggghhhh! I personally don't know any of these so called superwomen. I DO know some great women, great mom's, sisters, aunts, even mom-in-laws. I know that it is easy to buy into the fact that the women/moms you see on t.v., magazines, even fictional ones you read about in novels are perfect and their lives just fall into place. IT DOESN'T HAPPEN THAT WAY!!! So get over it! Enjoy your life, what you have, who you are married to, what your children do (or don't do), the ding-dongs and twinkies, the extra-pounds (but be healthy), the bed-head at 10am, slipping flip-flops on to get the kids, ordering pizza for the 2nd time that week, tucking kids in with dirty piggies kind of mom you are.... after all YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! I know, I've been there.... and most days am still there!

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  1. It's called having enough money to hire decorator, hair & clothing stylists, nannies and shopper/chefs!