Wednesday, June 9, 2010


OKAY! So I left you last week with the post of my blundered blog.... I was devastated all weekend, but didn't have the time to get online and fix it. So, I think that I have everything the way it was, funnily it popped up today when I hit a few buttons (no error reading HTML today!).

My weekend went well, I was better than better and we had a wonderful time as a family. We didn't get to do any shopping to feed this girls addiction, but we did the next best thing and got groceries and the last few items for Lauryn's week at camp next week!

We finally spoke to the dance place that has the Princess Camp. Signed Liyah up today for a week in July and maybe she'll love it enough she'll want to go back in August.

The girls are enjoying the summer break and I think mommy and daddy are surviving. The stress with GP mounts everyday and then dissipates overnight. There are so many things that we have to do for her now, feeding and such, that she was able to do a year and a half ago. Thankfully we are looking to get some respite help, so we can have some "couple" and/or "family" time!

Looking forward to what the rest of this summer will bring....

Oh, by the way, a big wow this week was Monday night. Greg and I got to go out after sunset and see with our own eyes Venus, Mars and possibly Saturn!! As far as I know you can continue to see these planets in the western sky (in MI anyway) soon after the sun goes down.

Table showing the general visibility times of the planets in 2010

General visibility times of the planets in 2010 Visibility times of the planets are shown here in general terms for the current year; for a description of each entry, see the box below. With the exception of Mercury, the times are based on the planets' positions at mid-month. Note that, although a planet may be listed as being visible at a particular time in a month, this does not necessarily mean that it will be visible from all locations on Earth. The observer's latitude and the local season can affect whether a planet is seen or not; this is particularly so for the 'Dawn' and 'Dusk' entries and especially so in the case of Mercury (see under Mercury's description for more details). Since the planets' viewing times can change in the course of a month (eg. from Dawn to Morning sky visibility) the entries inevitably contain an element of imprecision; consequently the table should only be used as a general guide to assess the best times at which to view the planets.

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