Thursday, July 15, 2010

Booo Hissss....

Yesterday was, well a day we don't want to repeat! I think it started out as any ordinary day started... kids in rare form (ie. arguing, tattling, whining). That isn't the worst of it.... Liyah has been in "Princess Camp" all week. It's at a local dance company and she hasn't ever been to a dance class before, but loves the thought of being a dancer. So we signed her up, thinking this would give us an opportunity to see if she was ready for regular dance classes. After Greg took her yesterday we can assume she is NOT ready. She went in and did her thing for about 10 minutes and then said her stomach hurt. She came out to the observation room and Greg gave her a snack. Then she decided she wasn't going to go back in and dance. So Greg's in a foul mood because there goes the money down the drain.... speaking of money down the drain.

I was at work yesterday. As you know if you have read my previous posts during the summer we go to the pool with Mr. P and help him with his exercises there. He treads for the first 25 minutes so I was enjoying the "sun" by sitting under the umbrella at the patio table. Checking out blogs on my iPhone (and playing my fav game "words with friends" an online scrabble game). When it was time to get in and help Mr. P with his walking I laid the phone on the table and got in the pool with him. About half way through the workout the wind pick up the umbrella (attached to the table), table and one of the chairs from the deck and deposits them into the pool (about a 4-5' distance away). You guessed it, my phone went with them and lay quietly at the bottom of the pool. Of course my first concern was Mr. P, who almost had the umbrella come down on his head. I got him at the side of the pool and got the table, umbrella and chair out. Then I had to dive down and rescue the phone.
Oh, iPhone, how I have enjoyed you. Having access to the interweb at my fingertips throughout the day. Being able to call and let people know where I am, taking pics with the Hipstamatic app, playing games and checking the weather! Alas, it is not to be anymore.... until we can get to the Apple store on Saturday. The AT&T store we bought it at and got the plan at couldn't help us with a replacement phone, unless I wanted to pay the 500.00 retail price. I THinK NOt!!
So we are hoping that the Apple store will have some compassion on me, and save us some beaucoup bucks on a new phone (since I've only had it for 3 weeks!!).

Oh, but the day doesn't stop there!!
While Greg and I were in the phone store trying to figure out our options, the girls were in the van with GP. Oh, all that is holy, we need your help! We cannot leave GP with the girls (specifically Lauryn) without something happening that makes GP cry. The thing is we can't figure out what it is all the time. Lauryn says she did nothing, Liyah says Lauryn was trying to change the dvd and GP was telling her to stop it, and GP says nothing except it was Lauryn.
We had made plans to go to Bob Evans restaurant for dinner, but saw that another restaurant had kids meals for 1.99. We decided to go there instead and everyone was good to go, except GP (who knows how to do a great pout). Finally, Greg just decided we would all get back in the vehicles and head home (to pb&j sandwiches).

So today, Greg is home with the "girls" again. When I left GP was still pouting and teary eyed. I had to get her out of bed to get her dressed before leaving for work, and she was not wanting to eat any breakfast. Liyah had decided that she wasn't going to go to "Princess Camp" anymore, and Lauryn was being the usual bossy big sister. Lord, help Greg today.... may I not find him, or anyone else, rocking in a corner babbling to themselves when I get home tonight!

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  1. So... what happened? I had the same problem and had to go to Apple direct. It worked out and they fixed the problem. If you've had it for less than a year and they CAN'T fix it, you should get a new one... so, you can tell us what happened!!