Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Fun.....

Okay, the first part isn't all about fun, but it is about getting ready to go on vacation (I already mentioned that you say, fine, I'll probably bring it up a few more times, so suffer). I changed the oil in the van today!! Yes, me, myself (and my brother in law) He told me how to do things and with a little bit of his muscle power, I got the oil and filter changed! From now on I will not pay someone else $30 + to change my oil and filter.... I did it for about $15 (yeah me!)
That got done in about 20 minutes (another reason not to go and have someone else do it--who wants to wait longer?).

Then the FUN stuff on schedule for the day. Our girls are very involved with our local library (I think they've been there 3x's this week).

#1. mom LOVES to read and is too cheap to buy books and magazines that I don't want for my personal library. #2. Aunt Cheryl is the Asst. Head Librarian (which means when the Head Librarian retires she's up for the position) at our local library. #3 It's a brand new library with two reading rooms, a fireplace, 8 computer desks (+3 kids computers) with online computers. #4 Lots of fun, and kids activities planned throughout the year!! #5 The kiddoes love to read and they like to check out movies (for $1) to watch!

So today they fed the kids that were involved with the summer reading course (20 minutes each day for elementarty kids, and 10 minutes a day for pre-K) some lunch and cake. Then they had a Foaming Finish Party..... Let's just say they kids had a BLAST!

They had the local firestation come out with a couple of their trucks and the firemen used a shop vac (with a reverse suction), a 30 gal. trash can, Mr. Bubbles bubble bath, and the firehose to make a huge tub of bubble, bubBLES, BUBBLES!!!! There were about 20 kids in the tub at one time just throwing, rolling, hiding and playing in the bubbles. Of course, no one wants to go home all soapy so they turned a couple of fire hoses on and let the kids run through the spray!! The kids had a blast... literally, and the adults that were there had a great time taking pics and laughing at the kids playing!

I will have to post the pics I took later since I forgot the cord to hook my phone up to the computer here at the library!! Keep an eye out for them.... they are too much fun!

What kind of things have you and your kids done this summer? Taken trips, gotten involved in local activities?

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