Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Give me a....

V. A. C. A. T. I. O. N. What's that spell.... you guessed it vacation! But due to the fact that the hubby stayed home to work this week, it is just me and the girls (or should I say Vacation Spoilers). Nah, not really!! Although they are quite the handful, grouchy (not enough sleep), demanding (not enough sleep) and did I say grouchy (DUE TO LACK OF SLEEP)... OH, that goes for me too!!

I'm trying my darndest to get these girls to bed at a decent time, that is kinda hard to do when all the other kids get to stay up as late as the adults... they are 10- 18 yrs. old!! Then with the "promise" of sleeping in the next morning (DOESN'T HAPPEN) I let the kiddoes stay awake until 9 or 9:30. Then the dreaded grouchies hit at the breakfast table, because we don't have what they want (forget about the 11 other people we are feeding). Oh, that sucks!

We are having some fun times tho'. We are going swimming each day (they LOVE it) and we get to roast hotdogs and marshmallow (they YUM it) and they get to run around with thier cousins and a few other kids at the resort (the ENJOY that).

So what have your vacations been like lately? Fun times? Draining?

I will say this about the girls.... even tho' they are getting eaten up by mosquitoes and other biting bugs up here in the north country they don't complain about that too much!!

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