Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sure, let me just get that for you!

How is it that children seem to know when parents are indisposed to ask for things. You know what I mean. We've already discussed the "no potty in private" season of life (I'm still sorta there). Now tho' you would think that a 6 and 4 year old would know when mommy isn't in the same room with them, looking over their shoulder, making sure they are on their best behavior that said mommy is "indisposed".
Actually I give them a heads up before I go take a shower. "Hey, I'm gonna go get a shower, be back out in about 10 minutes. BEHAVE YOURSELVES!!"
So yesterday I had everyone fed and dressed (Lauryn medicated due to fever) and all the chickies and GP settled in front of their favorite TV shows. I'm going to go get my shower....etc.
3 minutes after I get in the shower, littlest chickie opens the door and comes in, "mommy, I'm hungry. I need something to eat. I want a snack"
"Sure, let me just get that for you out of the mini fridge I have installed in my shower!" I say under my breath. "Would you like bon-bons or champagne?" Cause you know if I really did have a refrigerator in my shower that is exactly what I would have in it!
Of course, being the 4 yr old chickie she is she doesn't get the sarcasm and wit of her mother... so I have to tell her "I'm in the shower, go get your own or wait for mommy to finish in here!"
Out she goes... "And shut the door behind you!" I holler.
The thing is, this happens more than once a week! You'd think she'd learn that mommy can't do things for her when she's in the shower... or atleast pick up on the sarcasm bit!

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