Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my WoW Wednesday...

I love flowers. I have tried in the past 3 years to grow some flowers. This year, my flower gardens *suck*. I have weeded them 3 times (they've needed about 10 weedings), I've planted 4 different kinds of seeds (I don't know if they have survived the weeds), and I planted "Mary" beans along the back of the front flower bed (named after my husbands great-great Aunt Mary who grew them every year, and saved the seeds for future generations (you go girl)).

So, my hollyhocks that I planted last year (from seeds) are grown tall and beautiful. Yet they are soooo depressed by the lack of attention even they are falling over on their sides and looking pitiful. My 6 lavender bushes I transplanted from my mom's flower garden are doing well, they don't take much upkeep. My little rose bush is popping out the roses, they are a pretty peachy/pink color. Then there are the wildflower seeds I planted, I really can't tell if they are flowers growing or weeds.

On a lighter note, the grape vines that we transplanted from my sister's yard last summer actually has one tiny little bunch of grapes growing.... now if I can get my act together and get the arbor built.

Wait you say, this is a wow Wednesday post and all you are doing is being all negativity and stuff.... well, I can say wow because there are other people in this world who are not as *lazy* as I am about their flowers.
I would truly love to have about a gazillion hydrangea bushes on my property. I thought about buying my first one last summer. Then I read about how to care for hydrangea's and I thought, "This cannot be done... I'm much too lazy". So today I just want to share some pics of the bush at the McHugh household (Pete's mom is a great gardener, she has 5 flower beds, and 5 window boxes (3 of them on her garage! A GARAGE with window boxes). So even tho' a quick thunderstorm blew threw while we were there, I bravely stuck my head out the slider and took these pics, just for you. For you I risk my life, well okay risk my hairdo, nope can't even say that as I haven't much hair to "do".



  1. I'm sure your flowers are beautiful, Jeannette, you are probably much too hard on yourself. It's the little things, try and remember that, Miss "Handling All The World on Your Shoulders";) Come over any time and grab some of my flowers. Annnnddd, I'm sure you're doing a fab job on Patty's hair; I'm sorry to hear she is worse. My Dad has started with some dementia, so my best wishes are with you. Peace, Molly

  2. Thanks Molly, I actually took an hour and 1/2 and weeded the flower bed. I was feeling so guilty and bad for the flowers!