Thursday, July 1, 2010

This is a 1st

well, I tried... I tried to write a post from my new iPhone, but obviously THAT is going to take some more learnin'! Hubby and I decided that I had made him worry one too many times and that I was going to be getting my OWN phone. We've been sharing a phone for the past year or so.
So on our date last Friday night (you really shouldn't let two people who have been with 3 needy people without reprieve for the last 3-4 mos. out alone) the hubby says lets go to the phone store and get you a phone. Since I have been drooling over every iPhone I have come across for a year or more now he to me THAT store! I must say the phone is luverly, and I have been having fun learning things and my kiddos have already been buggin' for the games on it, but I really haven't had much chance to do anything with it....

Another note about the date, the Mexican was fine, the margarita was yummy, and the tatoo was Hubby's idea! Just kidding! I did get a tattoo and it is cute and I won't make hubby get one too (as he is not too fond of pain (another reason why women have the babies)).

My week so far is great, stayed home sick yesterday again (aunt flo sure is a pain) and missed being able to post a Wow Wednesday! but I will post something this coming Saturday. I will get some pic on the new iphone and figure out how to post them to the blog....etc.

BTW.... does anyone have any great finger exercises so I can work those TEENY TINY touch screen keys!! I'm so inept! I HATE being that way, if men with big beefy fingers can do this texting/email thingie from their phones, I am DETERMINED to get it done!

I will also be posting some on Sunday as we are planning on going to Lake Michigan and swimming and watching the fireworks.... it's only supposed to be 90 degrees! No biggie (yeah right).

Ciao for now!

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