Friday, June 25, 2010

Learning new things and having fun doing it!

Wish school had been this way for me!

I'm not proficient on the internet, so this blogging has really made me learn by the trial and error way. It's fun anyway, except that day I thought I'd lost my whole blog.

Well, today I jumped back on twitter (it's been over a yr.), wrote some comments on a blog I really love to read here, and hope that I can win some lovely vintage purses!!

This addiction is really getting the best of me!! It's inspiring to read about others that enjoy it too!


  1. I still can't figure Twitter out...if I'm brave enough I'll launch an attack on it this weekend. Wish me luck!

  2. Twitter is addictive once you've found the people you really feel connected with.x

  3. It's always nice to know you can learn something new and getting a new addiction is just a bonus!

  4. Thanks all! I'm still learning the twitter thing...I even tried to Tweet this weekend... now if I could just remember my password! LOL actually I got a new smart phone (iPhone) and I got the twitter app downloaded, now it's more learning from there!