Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall "house keeping"

Well, I need to do some major house keeping this fall.  I just got the window a/c units out and all the windows, screens and sashes need to be scrubbed.  I also have too many cobwebs creeping from one end of my bedroom to the other, I need to purge a few before they become part of the comforter.

I have a large collection of vintage items, that are sitting around waiting to pose for pics, to get listed on  I have a large pile of books that either need to be read or put on a shelf to gather dust there.  I have about 3 craft projects that I'd like to get done.

Most of all I'd like to do some work on the old body.  It's continuing to annoy me, the fact that I can get dressed, fix my hair, do make up and feel really pretty and go out for the day feeling grand.... until I get a gander of my full frame in a window or mirror.

So now that I've got the aforementioned 3 hours of free time in the a.m. I'd like to get back to doing yoga, start a lemon cleanse and look at clothes that  are not on the high end of the sizing chart..... wish me luck on that!!

I'd also like to work on getting my emotions together so that my eldest doesn't send me over the edge more than once in a week, and I don't have to resort to drinking eating my way through the grocery shelves!!  Winter is also coming and with it darker skies, earlier nights, later mornings and deep depression!!!  So I'm hoping to up the vit. D, do some yoga specifically targeting the depression and continuing on with the "happy" pills I'm already on (yes, for those readers who didn't know.... they keep my chin above the dark waters, you would NOT like me without them).

So what are your fall plans?  Cleaning anything out?

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