Wednesday, September 8, 2010 bloggy world,

I have many friends! In my reality, there aren't so many that are still close to me.
My very best friends are far away physically, in different states. The ones that are closer, they don't seem to be as close as we used to be.

How important is friendship to mother's? In my opinion..... VERY!!

The Top 10 Reasons to have good Friends as a Mom

10. They know where you are coming from when you need to vent about the whole roll of t.p. in the toilet, the whole plate of food dumped on the floor and the whole bottle of fingernail polish spilled on the carpet.

9. Your friends can give you great advice, while at the same time making you feel like you were the one to come up with that brilliant idea. (Whereas your mother just gives you advice).

8. They open up their homes when you need an inexpensive (say free) place to get away!! Thanks so much Paul & Kim, for the MANY getaways @ the Bahr B&B!!

7. Your friends will love you no matter the size of your clothes, the volume of your children or the grumpiness of your hubby.

6. They help you get over the hurdle of the big 4-0 birthday, and promise to be there for the 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th and 90th (right, RIGHT!!)

5. They love you, your hubby and even your children when you don't, they are more of a surrogate family than just friends!

4. Even when you don't see, talk, Tweet or FB often, they are still your friends and they can pick up right where you left off with them!!

3. They understand when you are strapped for money and don't buy them (or their adorable kiddos) birthday, Christmas or just because gifts, it isn't because you don't WANT to!!

2. Your bestest friends like what you like, just because they like you and they want to spend time with you, just as you do for them!


1. They know that if you lived next door to each other you would share in the babysitting duties EQUALLY. Henceforth, each friend would have plenty of time to go out on dates and get their groove on with their hubbies (more than the usual once a month)!

So, even tho' I enjoy reading blogs and commenting to all my new friends... you will never (sorry to say) take the place of the friends that I've loved for years (well 16 years now, but whose counting eh?).

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  1. I love that we can pick up right where we left off...even after not talking to each other for 2 months!! We know each other so well! Sometimes that's good, and well, sometimes not so good!! But I know I will ALWAYS get the honest truth from you, even if I don't want to hear it (but I know I always NEED to hear it)! Thank you for being that friend to me...and my hubby...and my 2 sometimes wonderful, sometimes not so wonderful sons!! Maybe my 2 strong willed sons will someday marry your 2 strong willed daughters! How GREAT would that be?!!

    By the way, I do believe we have several houses around us that are for sale...all you have to do is jump across the pond!! :)

    Love ya all,