Thursday, September 2, 2010

Young Girls....

they really aren't all "sugar and spice and everything nice". I know, I was one!! Not to say my girlies don't have sweet moments, but those are usually in the mornings when they have just crawled out of bed and haven't quite woken up. When they are fully awake, my girls are gritty and mean, and everything between! JK!!

Lauryn and Liyah as I have clearly stated before are a couple of strong willed, opinionated girlies. They want their own way 100% of the time, and mom and dad don't know what's good for them! I find that quite contrary, and abhorrent! So I try and make my voice heard in the little ones lives (ie, NO you may not eat candy bars, cheetos or chocolate pudding for breakfast! (get something 1/2 way nutritious (like the sugar coated cereal you threw in the grocery cart yesterday)).

The fun thing is both girls are getting older and not into so much trouble - what? - I said that? Like it's really true?! Take for example the other day while the girlies were getting a bath. They like to take the Barbies and Bratz and Little Ponies in the tub with them and play for a while, yeah!! That gives mom time to throw in a load of laundry and fold a load, and hang a load... you know the drill. So pretty soon I hear the kiddoes laughing and carrying on (the 2nd highest rated way mom's know their kids are into something-- right behind peaceful quiet play). So I lay down the clothes and walk into the bathroom.... oh the joy!! Liyah is sitting in the tub with a great big grin on her face, and 1000's of pieces of toilet paper stuck in her hair!!

She had to get out of the bath to take a potty break and decided since the t.p. stuck to here there she would just have great fun in the tub with more!! There was toilet paper floating all over in the tub!! Talk about the plugged drain!! That and the fact that she pitches a royal fit about about getting her hair washed and she had to have a major scrubbing to get the paper out!! Don't know if she has learned her lesson, but I'm thinking that she will remember for a while!

So now the girls know that toilet paper and bath water don't mix.... and then the other day they learned that puddles on the floor don't mix with running in the house.

Actually, it was just Liyah. She is into doing her hair. So she had gotten a washcloth wet and soaked her hair.... and the bathroom floor. Then about 10 minutes later she had to got potty (do see the trend here?) and went running into the bathroom @ 40 mph and wiped out.... lesson learned, clean up the puddles you make!

Aaahhh, I'm glad not all accidents/experiments happen in a single day!! We are soo thankful for our two girlies, and sooo thankful that they are older and less likely to wreak havoc all in one day!!

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