Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's been a looong time coming....

No not ME (get your mind out of the gutter ladies)!  I've been the virtual thriftaholic for quite sometime now.  Mostly I shop for needs (ie. clothes for the little ones... ), but there is this insatiable thread running through me that adores craves the thrill of the hunt... through all things junky, used, cheap vintage!

Well, as most of us moms do we try to take our short comings and turn them into $$$$!  So I've decided to list some of my great finds on

I don't want to alarm my readers, I will NOT continuously post ads, or links to my shop.  I just want to let you know that it's there, I have found a way to completely make my addiction lucrative.  I not only have taught myself (with some great advice from Lori @ RRASHM) to blog, tweet and "like" status' over the past year and a half.  I have become a woman of great bravery, who has risen above the terrible thoughts that run through her head and accomplished something!  Something that makes me HAPPY!! :)

So, thank you to all my followers in this bloggy-sphere.  Thanks for leaving me comments, thanks to the hubs who says I can do whatever I want because I'm THAT talented-- oh, yeah you can let your mind skid into the gutter for one quick moment-- okay that's 'nuff!

If you seek a great place... go no further!  Welcome to the Frumpy House... where you are asked to come in, browse and find some things that you never knew you needed!!


  1. After swiping the Owls in the UP your now going to sell them? Well good luck!

  2. Cool shop - I love the name! And I'm pretty keen on those owls...

  3. Awww thanks allison, my last name is Frump... so I gotta work it!