Thursday, September 30, 2010

How I met Your Father...

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Well, it was NOT the first time we'd met, but the first time we'd been out without friends.  So, Greg and I somehow decided that we would like to go out.  We were both in our 30's and living in Nashville, TN (shoutout to all our friends there, who probably don't read this blog ).  I saw him for the first time playing drums for Praise and Worship at our church there.

My thought, "hmmm cute drummer, wonder if he's single" exactly!  So somehow after meeting each other at some singles get togethers we ended up going out for our first date.  Truth be told, I don't remember who asked who out.  If you ask Greg, I did the asking  begging.  MY theory is, I was old enough to know what I wanted and went for it him.

So our first date was going to be the proverbial; dinner and a movie.  Easy peasy, yeah!  So we checked out the times for the movie we wanted to see ( Nicole Kidman in this movie) and then decided we had enough time for dinner, before the movie.

We had ourselves a yummy Italian meal at a new restaurant in town (do you order the least expensive item on the menu, just in case you go dutch?  I did).

Food, delish. Drinks, vino.  Date, handsome.  Convo, smooth.  Perfection!

Oh, but you know the nights not over....

We went back to the theatre to get the tix for the show..... only they were sold out for that time.  Did we think to get them before dinner?  NO  So, not to be deterred, and being in the suspense/horror movie frame of mind ('cause we know what can happen when we are scared and there's a big strong man beside us) we chose a different movie to see.

I KNOW!!  How bad is that?  For a first date?  The sad thing is someone out there could've had a 2nd and 3rd date with this movie!   Ick!

You know what tho', we really get a laugh about this.  No, we never saw JC 2 or 3, but we did get to see The Others... it was much better!  There have been many dates since then (some good, some great, some exceptional, and some, like our first, not very well planned out).  Even with bad movie date as our first, I continued to pursue date the drummer.  We were married about 10 months later.... and we are still dating!

Here's Rowan Atkinson's Rules for a 1st Date:

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