Friday, October 1, 2010

In case you think....

I have a blatant case of favoritism...  Here's the post for Lauryn.  Our oldest, 6 going on 16.  In 3rd grade, doing sooo well!  I could say things about how incredibly strong willed, defiant and grumpy she can be is, but this isn't that kind of post!

So, here's our beautiful, talented, intelligent daughter.  The one who doesn't want her pic taken, because she has such sensitive eyes to the flash (all pics of her from camp this year had her eyes closed, LOL).  But, we do get pictures, and we do love to look at them!  Just like the other one (whom we won't mention by name since this isn't her post).

We tend to get lots of pics of Lauryn doing things!  Not so much into the posing.....

This is Lauryn all pretty.... ready to go out.  This is the second picture.  Lesson learned, get it right the first time!
(oh, and would someone paint the trim, it's getting on my nerves)

Her favorite thing to do... eat sweets

 Smiling so mommy can test her new iPhone app.
Conquering the world, one rock @ a time! (you go girl)

Having a blast @ Foaming Finish for Summer Reading club

Dress up, on stage @ Children's Museum Marquette, MI (vacation)
She wanted to be the wicked witch (honest)

  Turning her grandma into a frog!

 A favorite pastime!  I'm so glad

Smiling (still) after a 3 mile hike to see a waterfall!! 

This is how Lauryn usually is.... in action.
Of course Li the little one is in it too, we are an equal opportunity house!

I love my girls, they make me crazy (we don't use 4 letter words in our house, so they really don't know what sane is!) but I love 'em anyway (sometimes I love them the most after 8 pm when they are tucked in and sleeping).

Hope you enjoyed the photos of my biggest, and brightest... no don't get irrational here, I don't have favorites here either!

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