Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's been a while....

but she's still here and up to her usual fashion modeling. I haven't really posted anything about the girlies lately. I see from the photos in iPhoto that Lauryn is sorely lacking in pics (something to do with Liyah being of a model frame of mind). So today since I have them I'm going to post a few pics of Li-Li doing her favorite thing.... strutting her stuff!

 Got the pose, still working on the facial expressions!

 I'm ready for my close up...

What do you mean "So You Think You can Dance?" I know I can!

 This is my outfit, and I'm ready to go.... where I don't know, but my back pack is packed!
I'm just soooo about the pose y'all

If you can't get the hair right, scarves are soo stylish (of course nighties and heels are too)

 Even when camping I must have my "look" done
The swim princess... of course

MUST get my beauty rest, even princess fairies need to sleep!!

So, there she is... and there are MANY more.  I don't want to bore you.  Before you send me comments about favoritism and showing the little one more than the older... I've found that most of Lauryn's pics are on my phone, as we snap things when we are out and about (she loves being out and about... as much as Li likes posing).  So when I remember to bring the cord and download her pics you can bet your sweet bippie that she will get her righteous bloggy post too!!

Enjoy your Friday friends, tomorrow I will FYBF with all my awesome Aussie friends!


  1. Haha! Too cute!! Love the one in the sunglasses...

  2. Ah I have one of those two lol Don't you just love the way they work the camera

  3. aww thanks ladies, glad you enjoyed the post... don't miss the equal opportunity post for the oldest girlie! PS.. she is too cute, i'm somewhat partial tho"