Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just because....

I'm not a professional photographer doesn't mean I don't like to take pics.... it does mean my pics can be bad, really bad.... and then turn out to be rather nice.

I took a few pics with my iPhone the other night.  The girls were dressed up in their princess clothes, purses on arms, "click-click" shoe as Liyah calls them on feet and they were just hanging out.  Like it was a normal way to be.

I was fiddling with the phone and the Hipstamatic app.  Trying out the different lenses, with/ out flash, lamp on/ off, etc....

This is what happened, I think it's pretty cool.  Of course, I really think that the object of the picture is what's so beautiful.


  1. Pic reminds me of a gothic book cover. One of those old fashion creepy tales.