Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saturday's Rock and Roll night....

and spin and flip, and curtsy and bow, and pretend you are the best dancer in the world.  Be it a ballerina, jazz, break dancer, acrobatic, free style or just plain make it up as we get all frenzied before bedtime any kind of dancing will do in our home.

But.... unless you decree us to be like any family that has little children and the ability to play music... we are NOT the typical "Dancing Queen".  Oh, no not us.....

We act like this.....

sorry the pics are blurry, there was no way to get them any better!!

 because of this....

Folks, it's Lawrence Welk at his 70's finest!!

and then the curtsy!!!  Brava

See folks we know how to have hella good times @ The Frumpy House!!


  1. I'm just catching up! Love the photos and I laughed when I saw what your lovelies was dancing to. Must admit we dance to the Fireman Sam theme music, Playschool... oh heck, anything! Just goes to show that at this age, they'll dance to anything! xx

  2. Heheh that is so cute! A lot of dancing goes on in my house too;)