Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well, I really shouldn't.....

make fun of the 7 year old for "sick days".... I've had a few myself lately!!  13 DAYS to be exact... yes the dreaded unlucky 13!

I went to work on Friday, the 12th of November.  That is unusual because it's Greg's day to work.  He was heading down to Ohio to visit his dad and take his mom to her sister's house (for a visit 'til after Thanksgiving).

Well, it wasn't until I pulled into the parking lot at work that I started not feeling so very good.... achy, shaky and chilled.  Uh-oh.  Being the lady I am, I thought it may be the period thing making me feel not so good as it had started that morning and they are usually rough.  "Well, toughen up, and take some ibuprofen and get on with your day already!!"  I told myself.

About an hour later I was telling Pete (the young man Greg and I are caregivers for) that I wasn't feeling very good.... chills, aches, etc.

He couldn't get another worker to come in as she was helping out a friend.... so I stayed!

This is what we did all afternoon!

watched my new favorite show on DVD -- "the big bang theory" if you don't recognize it!!

That wasn't the end of it tho'!!

That was supposed to be an all girls-girly weekend!!  Just me and the two kiddoes hanging out, eating, shopping, doing manis and pedis and watching lots of girly movies (pretty much anything with a princess).  

Oh, no!!  There wasn't much to do, make it home and hope that I could at least get through the planned evening of snacks and movies!!  I was feeling SOOO crappy!

We got home around 6:30 pm and my mom had already fed the 2 yahoos so it was just a matter of getting the snacks out, sleeping bags/pillow pets/stuffies/books/dolls/paper/pens/pencils etc & all else that the girlies MUST sleep with to be comfy.  Then it was time for jammies, teeth brushing (hey, at least I had them brush them, who cares that they are going to be eating more junk afterwards!) and movies!!

Well, mommy got her drink and some more ibuprofen (800 mg are helping some by now) and grabbed the kleenex box, nyquil (in case I couldn't get back up to get another drink) and snacked a little to keep my head from spinning with the empty tummy/alcohol syndrome.  Then grabbed the remotes (eventually gave them up to Lauryn) and we started the movies.

Oh, I tried to make it fun, but that couch was calling out to me SO LOUDLY!!

I think about 3 hours later I was waking up and the second movie was just ending.  The girlies had made a fair to midlin mess of snacks and such, but I didn't even CARE!!!

We turned out lights after we carried the dishes of leftovers out to the counter.  NO, I didn't put lids on them, NO I didn't refrigerate the leftover salsa!  NO I didn't really care, then, that there might be mice coming in to clean up what I was too sick to.

Saturday morning.... bright and early, since the girlies don't know what it means to stay up late and sleep in late.....  I was feeling somewhat better.  Took my shower (please note, but do not hold against me that this was the last shower until Monday afternoon) and got dressed.  Convinced the girls to run in and do some errands in town, with the promise of a donut and icee at the local gas station/ pizza/ deli/ convenience store in town.  I got a coffee and a yummy apply fritter!  Lauryn got her usual sprite icee and chocolate covered pudding filled long john and Li got her fave, strawberry icee and a chocolate donut with choc. frosting and sprinkles (she was a little perturbed that the sprinkles were still the fall colors and not her fave pinks/purples/yellow/white etc....)  We sat and enjoyed a quick bite (quick being about 45 minutes before I could get them done with the donuts and get them to take drinks with us) did our errands as fast as I could possibly do them and headed home.... to the couch!  Oh, my aching body, head and joints!!!  I knew then that this was not going to be the weekend I'd wanted it to be!

For the next 3 days, until Greg came home Monday early evening.  I was in and out of high fever, coughing and wheezing and just wanting those blessed girlies to fix whatever they wanted to eat!!  

I'm proud to say, they did WONDERFUL!!  They pretty much lived on snacks, toast and water.  Once in a while I could get myself up and take some more medicine and function for a few minutes before I was back down for another sleep.... no matter what, my body was NOT going to let me get things done!!

Thank goodness my mom is next door.  The girls went down to visit her on Saturday afternoon and then I called her after they got home on Sunday and asked her to take them for a while so I could get some uninterrupted sleep!

All, in all this is how I spent the ALL GIRLS WEEKEND!!  Propped up on 4-5 pillows so that I could breath, wearing sani pads so that when I coughed I wouldn't have to change the pants, and covered with the warmest faux down filled comforter!!  I continue to sleep this way as I'm not totally wheeze free.... but thanks for asking!

I'm now on a few Rx's, just a couple!  Ahhh, pharmaceuticals that make you feel funny, give you wildly, colorful dreams and makes your heart race at odd times.  Hopefully, the ick is now gone for the rest of the winter!

yes, yes those are laxative tablets.... the mighty codeine cough syrup causes me to need that!

Thankfully, at the time of this post, G.P. nor Pete have succumbed to the freaky flu.  My hopes and prayers go out to them that it doesn't come their way....EVER!!

So, how's your week(s) been since last we chatted?

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