Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sick One......

Almost any day that there is a sniffle, sneeze or let's say "throat clearing" from our oldest one (aka the 7 yr old :) ) she thinks she must stay home from school.  She actually took a peek out the window yesterday morning and said she was looking for snow (oh, the joy of snow days!!)

Well, this morning she woke up with a cough, stuffy/snotty nose and a fever.... so she got her wish!  A stay at home day with daddy!

Before I even got out the door for work she was bringing me art work that she had done.  We really do expect our sickies to lay low when they have to stay home from school.  So she was gearing up for a day of reading, writing, drawing and cartoons.  This is her early morning creations.....

the Art Monster, drawn for her dad!

real poop Hot dog Head, for mom
she made a point of telling me it has 3 eyes and lots of teeth!

Ah, the mind of a child!  She probably was indicating her feelings for me, and at the last minute thought she had better cross poop out and make it hot dog.......

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  1. I love trying to work out what my 4 year old is drawing. Always a mystery if you ask me! When he draws me, I look just like everyone else. Alien-like.