Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Has it been Ages?

since I've last posted?  It seems that way!

I've been doing a lot....
mostly coughing!

The doctor says pneumonia!
I say, "it hurts like he**"

On an antibiotic, 
which I don't like, but what else can you do.

I'm not only tired of coughing,
I'm really tired of "sleeping'' sitting up on the couch.
So's the hubs
(tired of ME sleeping on the couch).

It's been almost 5 wks. since I got sick.

During that time I have....
put my back out (coughing)
pulled muscles (coughing)
gotten a hernia (coughing)
made people look @ me like I have the plague (coughing).

I'm sitting/standing/leaning here now coughing
between letters, words, sentences.

I have never been so sick
in my 

I really just want this
all to go away!!

That is my Christmas wish,
(& a little some'n, some'n with the hubs wouldn't hurt either)
to get rid of the wheezing, coughing and sleeping sitting up.

An EARLY Christmas present
wouldn't hurt either!!

1 comment:

  1. Praying you feel better. Maybe I can take the girls for a few hours this weekend so you can rest. Not clean, REST