Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm having Bloggy Withdrawal.....

It seems like FOREVER since I've been able to post anything about what is going on in the Frumpy House!  I ended up heading to the ER after I wrote the last post....I had coughed so much the hernia popped through the muscle wall and was extremely painful......they gave me Delaudin (sp ?) a narcotic painkiller.  Turns out I don't do narcotics too well, and this 200+ lb. woman (yeah I said it....if you use it against me I will have to hire thugs to break your knee caps) couldn't cope with a dose they give a 50 lb. kid.  HAHAHAHA!
I don't recall everything that went on, all I know is that when the pain finally subsided, I just wanted to sleep!  They wanted me to get x-rays...the two don't work well together.  I don't remember what I did, but I knew the tech was trying to get me to stand, hold my breath, don't move....etc.   I did whatever I could with my eyes closed.  To tell you the truth, I don't know what the ER Dr. or the x-ray tech even look like!  Whew!
Lets really hope I don't have to do that ever again.  I've already been told that next year I should get a pneumonia shot (?).  Didn't even know they had such a thing....I'll sign up, this has been the worst 6 weeks of my life, so far.  That is including post partum depression!  Speaking of having babies....I would rather push another baby out without any pain medication than go through that hernia pain again....just sayin'

So, today, I'm going to post a few fun post that go along with the holiday season!  It's been a long time, and I've really missed writing.  Hope you like the reads!!

PS.  Dr. says surgery is a must on the hernia....hmmmm that won't be any fun without insurance now will it!?!?!


  1. You poor baby! What an experience. But hey, you don't have to pay thugs for knee cap duty. I always figure that for women of our size, we just knock people down and sit on 'em. That'll teach them a lesson! ;o)

  2. Thanks dear Queen! I'm glad u r reading my blog....I've been reading urs for a loooong enjoyable time!!!! Enjoy ur holidays!