Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Tis the Thrifting Season...

of course for me all year is a thrifting season.  Yet, Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years they are all well represented in the thrift stores....people get tired of their holiday decor or they are going for a new holiday theme.  Whatever, they give it away, I pick over it and I find some really awesome tchotchkes  knick-knacks for my holidays!!  At 75-99% off the original prices!!

This year I've been especially looking for vintage items that are unique and cool.  I haven't had the luck of some vintage ladies, but I'm doing alright for myself!

I thought I'd just share a quick peek @ the few items I've found just in the last 2-3 wks.  These items were all purchased for no more than $2.  That's $2 for the whole set (nativity)!

I walked into a Goodwill the other day for a quick stop/look session before getting the groceries.  This tree was sitting on a shelf with above said, holiday decor...had to bring it home!
oh, the beauty of a vintage table top tree, so sparkly white!!

  The 2 quail aren't vintage they are a S&P set that I bought for a buck @ another GW.  I'm not necessarily a quail fan, but they matched a large set of ceramic white quail that I had found on vacation.

They look pretty, but is it the right look?

Maybe these vintage fawns should take the resting place beneath the vintage tree?  What do you think?

Darling little woodland creatures!
The fam voted and the fawns are spending the holidays under their very own special Christmas tree!!  The quail are fine back in the shadow box!!

When I was a little girlie my sisters and I were often called "Charlie's Angels", because that was my dad's name and of course we WERE angels!!  So angels have always had a special place in my heart.  I @ one time had quite a large collection of angels.  Most of them have gone on to better homes, I've only kept a favored few (4 to be exact).  But, when I saw this home made vintage (okay, I don't consider 1981 vintage, but according to's standards it is) singing angel I couldn't let her stay on the shelf.

How could you NOT want to take this cutie home?  A bun, a hair bow,  a song & so pious!
I found this cute set of Nutcrackers @ a non-GW thrift store!!  They were only $2.  I heard a lady walking out the door say to the cashier..."if she doesn't get those nesting Nutcrackers let me know, I'll come back".  NO LUCK for you!!  I brought them home!  My first set of Matryoshka dolls!!

So straight in formation!  Adorable!
NOT the least of my thrift purchases for our Christmas season is my new Nativity set.  I have a couple sets (they r still in my storage boxes as no other Christmas decor has been gotten out yet) but I was captivated by the all white, ceramic set.  I was further tickled to see that Joseph's staff was still in one piece as it is very thin and isn't connected to any part of the statue except his hand!

The reason I celebrate the season!!

Now, onto a tree!  I'm searching ebay and etsy for something vintage and white.  I have been forever ruined with fake green trees after seeing these lovelies here, here and here on 3 of my fav blogs!  I've gotten some colored vintage lights @ a yard sale this fall for almost next to nothing.  I'm excited and want to get the tree up and see how it looks!  

I hope that you have a wonderful season of Christmas, vintage or not.  That you find pleasure in little things like found treasures, and bigger things like FAMILY!

(All pictures were taken on my iPhone using the Instagram app.  'Cause I lurve it!)

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