Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dog Days of Thrifting....

I went out with the hubby the other day, we both happened to have a Friday off together.  He needed something warm to wear for a winter youth retreat he was going to be playing drums for.  So of course we hit the thrift stores to see what they had on hand.  He found a great long sleeved thermal for 3.00 and a nice thick pair of sweats for sleeping in, 3.29.

Enough about him, I found a few things for my etsy shop.  They were @ a local thrift store run by the Mel Trotter Mission in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.  The shop isn't too far from us, it is clean, it is fun & the prices are so right!

I did notice something while I was there was really one of those things that just stood out to me as odd.  Of course there are many odd things in thrift stores, but to see so many pictures of one subject is really quite an anomaly!

So for your viewing pleasure.....The Dog Days of Thrifting!

a nice fuzzy 3-D effect!  if you like it that way

pip pip cheerio!  a hunting we will go!

a little wood laminate on wood laminate!

i almost bought this one but the frame was  pretty crappy!  cute tho'

this one just makes me sad, who would want to look @ these all day!

possibly a high schooler's art project?  hmmmm
this too makes me sad..."why must you be so sad little boy?"

Ah, it's all about what you will find when you are out thrift shopping huh?!  One never knows what they will come across in the thrill of the hunt!

Like these:

my mom had these in the 70's.  I remember it was really hard to see how full the glass was because of the black lining!  lots of spills!  she said she either got them with green stamps @ a gas station or a grocery store!

of course for .49 who could pass up getting their own little bluebird of happiness!!  homemade ceramic/painted bluebird.  it now hangs on my bedroom wall with many other vintage prints & pretties!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Leave me a link to your favorite/unusual/fun/off the wall finds!!  I'd love to see them!


  1. cute doggy stuff! You said who would want to look at those sad dogs all day? well my mom loves basset hounds, so she would :)

  2. I think it would be kinda fun to do a wall in random thrift store doggie art, actually I think I'd prefer cats, but you catch my drift :)