Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I need a sexy wig....

cause I'm about to pull my hair out!

There are quite a few things that I can tolerate, quite a few people I can put up with & quite a few situations that don't get under my skin.

BUT!  There is one thing that drives me absolutely, unequivocally bonkers!  NEGATIVITY!

Sure, I know I can be sarcastic & a little grouchy about how things are going in my life or household.  For the most part I am pretty up & positive.  I just feel sarcastic & let it out on my blog!  hah

The problem is I have a 7 year old who acts like she's going through a HORRIBLE bout of PMS every freakin' day!!  There is no getting her over it either!

No joking, no talking about fun things, no nothing!!
She was so determined that they weren't going to have school again today because there was still a lot of snow on the ground that when she got up she asked Greg if there was no school.  When he told her there was school she screamed "NO!!!".  Did I say SCREAMED.....or you could say the demon inside her came out, spun her head around 5 times, made her eyes flash red and fire spit out of her nose as she screamed NO!!  Whatever you want to was NOT a pretty sight or sound!

That starts our day....& she doesn't get out of the bad mood, disappointment, anger that surrounds her at having to go to school!

So, my question is.....Is there any hope that this is a phase & that life will be like cotton candy clouds & sugar drop rain all through the real PMS!?
Have any of you moms out there reading this dealt with a strong-willed, obstinate child?  What were some of the methods you may have used that helped them pull themselves out of the anger/disappointment/hateeverythingthatisintheirpathevenkittens&puppies stage?

 PLEASE, let me know my scalp thanks you!!

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  1. We just got some new books at the library that might help. One is the Explosive Child and hopefully gives some instructions on how to diffuse the bomb