Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There's a new addition....

to the Frumpy House!  The Love/Hate post of this new year introduced you to a family icon.  Something that had been with the hubs & I for quite sometime.  It was our couch.

I bought the couch, matching loveseat, 2 end tables & coffee table with my "single" know the money you have to spend before you get married & have kids.  The money that goes to diapers, shoes & food after you have kids!

Well, as I stated the couch has been a close friend of mine for quite sometime.  It has held me through 2 pregnancies.  It was there to cradle the big belly & support the aching back, something my bed just couldn't do.

I was very sad when the hubs took a plunge on it one night, gettin ready to watch him some football.  It creaked & snapped & has never been the same since......

this is the sad condition it has become!  the whole frame in the back was broken!

So I have been on the hunt for a new couch.  But, not just any couch!  No, not moi!!  I like to make things difficult, up the ante, you know make it into a sport (HUNTING).  So I was on the hunt for the perfect era, the perfect shape, the perfect know!  PERFECT!

I must say, the one I should have gotten got away.  I let it slip through my fingers.  It was at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in our local area.  It was a 60's floral print, orange and blue and greens!  PERFECT (did I say that already)!!  But, I wanted to get the hubs opinion & I walked away.  When we got there the next week, there it sat, with a "sold" sign on it!!  Someone else had gotten the 7' sofa/bed for $75 dollars!  Heartbreak....but I had to move on!

So, my cuz (Hi Lyd) & I were out trolling the thrift stores one day before she headed back to college & my MIL came back from Ohio.  We were driving and saw a "Thrift" store sign.  I had never seen this store before, so I slammed on the breaks took the corner on 2 wheels (I drive like that for thrifty goodness you know).  We walked in  & the first thing I saw was this lovely green & brown tweed couch.  Perfect color, perfect size, perfect shape....sat down on it, perfect squishyness!  It had a little musty "basement" smell but I wasn't too worried I'd steam cleaned a chair that was worse & it was fine.  No rips or tears, no stains!  PERFECT!!

So since I don't learn lessons quickly I walked away....yep, I said that!  I walked away!  I went home & told the hubs about the couch, and told him that I really, really wanted it!l  It was $60 & I was sure if he went the next day while I was @ work that it would still be there!

Long story short (cause I'm sure you get tired of my rambling on & on) he went back the next day with my lovely pops & pop's truck & picked up the couch for me!

Here she is in all her pre-cleaned glory!

perfect size, color & she's sporting a free granny afghan, from the thrift store, that the lady threw on for free!

plus she's got sexy gold casters!

I'm loving not having to sit on the springs & practically being on the floor with our old couch (may she RIP).  I'm glad that she looks so well with my 60's chair & ottoman!

Welcome to the family........may you last many more years!!  (note to hubby & girlies: there will be NO flopping, jumping or rough housing on this couch!  Or you will be banished to sitting on the floor!  Thank you, Momma)

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