Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's crazy @ my house....


Well, when things start slowing down after the holidays the true self comes out again!  The kiddles didn't know what to do with themselves the 2nd week of vacay.  They were pretty much grouchy, grumpy and greedy.  The dreadful 3-G's!

Lauryn wanted friends over EVERY day!  Liyah wanted to do messy crafts or baking EVERY day!  Momma had to do the daily chores, run errands & kid-sit all day long!  So we did some playdates for Lauryn, some crafting & cooking/baking for the Li-ster & momma did her best to keep up with all the other things that needed to be done.

The girlies did get some great lessons in laundry sorting, washing, drying and putting away.  They also both worked the Swiffer and Oreck quite well!!

We had time for lots of drawing, painting, glueing, cutting & "Origami"!!  We did some baking, cooking & they even did the dishes one morning while I went to get a shower (minimal water damage was done!).

All-in-all we stayed busy and tried to make the busyness fun!

The downside to all the busyness and crazy holiday hours.....CRABBY KIDS!!

I have never had Li Li sass, yell, cry & in general just ignore me so much as over the holiday break!  Whew, glad that's over & she seems to be liking the schedule of school & bedtimes again!

Lauryn, well she on most days is a whiner & complainer (don't get them confused with movers & shakers) HA HA HAR!!  I only had to deal with it for more hours of the day than usual....wears me out!

Lauryn is basically complaining about school everyday.  She has already brought home homework & refused to finish it!  On a brighter note tho' she didn't have any the 2nd day back because according to her, "I worked hard and got it done!"  HIGH FIVE for that!!!

Liyah is very excited to get back to school & see her teacher's & friends!!  She was all smiles and giggles on her first day back!  Her little friend Hannah has this deep gravely voice.  When we were walking down the hall to the classroom, Hannah's little face is beaming and she says, "WHAT'UP LIYAH!"  Oh, that cracked us up!!

We have had a break from Grandma Patty's care since the week before Christmas!  She's gotten to spend time in Ohio with family & friends.  Yea!

It's been a great break for me as I have been recovering from the pneumonia I got before Thanksgiving!  We are taking the girlies down there this weekend.  That should be something to blog about!

Plus, I'm hoping to find some thrift stores to rummage through while we are there!  Fingers crossed!

a little crafty with the cousins!  pretty snowflakes!

of course Li had to do her own thing...she made a butterfly!

the girls and cousin Annie got all the dolls & stuffies together

it was Barbie's wedding day!  Li couture made from notebook paper & toilet paper veil!

this is what momma enjoyed doing when she had time...funniest book i've read in a long time!

Did you survive holiday school break as well as the festivities?  How did you spend time with your kids?  Anything special?

May all my readers, and even those who don't read this awesome blog, have a wonderful year!  May 2011 find all us momma's, pappa's, kiddoes & our family & friends healthier, wealthier & wiser (no Lauryn, not a wise-a**, wiser!).  And further from the brink of insanity than in 2010!!


  1. Brian's plant was closed the second week of break so I was able to have a real vacation. He did all of the laundry, housecleaning and taking care of the boys. All I had to do was cook and there was not much of that since we had plenty of leftovers from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners to last the whole week.

  2. wow that does sound like a busy vacation. I know a lot of parents are happy when the kids go back to school