Thursday, January 13, 2011

You know it's because.....

I'm lazy.  I've already told you I'm pretty much a lazy mommy.  You shouldn't be surprised by now!

C'mon, I like to take as many shortcuts as I can when it comes to daily chores!  Somethings just beg to be done in 30 minutes or less!  Take meal prep for one thing...nah take it for three things!  3 meals a day!

Okay, I'll admit, I only "prepare" one meal a day....dinner meal.  Supper.  The last meal of the day.  The other meals are: Breakfast: grab what u want or wait for the weekend when momma has time to "prepare" something worthwhile.  Lunch: slap it on some bread & call it good or wait for Sunday dinner/lunch when momma pulls out the crock pot & has time to "prepare" a healthy spread!

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE TO COOK!!  I just have 3 out of 5 very, VERY picky eaters.  They don't like anything "healfy" as they say (on a daily, 3x's daily basis).

I like to make things that are easy and some what healthy & tasty.  If they don't eat it, well they know how to spread p.butter on some w.w. bread & call it done!

It's so bad with the oldest girly that this year I told her if she would sit down at the dinner table, not say anything negative about the food in front of her, not whine or complain & would try new things....brace yourself mommas.....I would pay her a quarter for each new food!  A quarter!!

Do you know how much money she could make in one day!!  ONE DAY...seeing as most foods that I make she has never tried or tasted!! (I kid you not).

There is one catch to this tho'.  You know the above mentioned p.butter & bread.  Well, more often than not if the girly makes toast or sandwich for her dinner she leaves the mess all over the counter!  So, I told her that if she tried new foods= .25  If I had to clean up her messes= .25!!!  Ha!  Momma can get the new ZhuZhu pet she wants too!

Tally today......girly Lauryn = .25  mommy's total = .25  Even stevens!

Here's some pics that I took @ lunch the other day when I fixed soup & sandwiches for GP & myself.  Food for thought, easy & delicious.  My kind of meal!

Browned the onion in olive oil, poured in the boxed soup & canned tomatoes.  Seasoned w/ pepper & garlic salt.  Forgot the Italian seasoning, which is really yummy in this soup!

Finished lunch!!  Sandwich is rotisserie chicken w/ Miracle Whip, garlic lovers Hummus, mustard, provolone & fresh spinach.  Delish!!

Prep time for this meal 15 minutes!

What are some quick, easy & somewhat healthy meals that you fix for your family, when you are going crazy with busyness & don't want to set the house on fire forgetting what you had on the stove?


  1. We're huge salad eaters in this house. Chop it up, toss it together and eat it raw lol

  2. wow she must be picky if you have to pay her! But I like the part where she pays you to clean up her mess.