Thursday, February 3, 2011

I made it out.....

and I'm alive!!  Oh, yes, I made it out to work today!  Sadly, I had to leave the hubs home with the girlies, who are still on snow days, and his mom!!   (devilish grin)!!  HA!

No, really, we did have a nice day all scrunched up together in our little 1200 sq. foot home!  We find these little nooks and crannies that we can sit, lay or hide in.  Find our entertainment in books, games, videos, or twitter (as my case may be!).

Here's some pics of a few things that went on during the "Great Blizzard of 2011".
WAIT!  I thought I had legs!!

eh, a little snow here, a little snow there.  what's the big deal!!

The pretty side of getting snow.....waves!

laying in the snow, looking for a good place to tunnel!

still smiling, even after all the hard work of walking through the white stuff!

don't be deceived...there may be sun shining, but it's still  20 degrees or lower!

maddie loves the snow,,,,,,

little momma is just perturbed! 

Then, later in the evening we had some fun inside with the girlies and daddy doing a talent show!  We have those impromptu quite often.... what kid doesn't like to have adult's undivided attention while doing something fun?
It's Spider Woman!!  Lauryn climbing the wall (something she usually has ME doing)!
Ladies & Gentlemen....Liyah, singing her sunflower song.  She is the composer & lyricist!

For your viewing pleasure, daddy will now try to attempt balancing 3 pennies on his elbow & then catching them in his hand.  Please, do not attempt to try this at home!  heehee

A round of applause, if you please, for our very talented guests tonight!!  

Were you snowed in?  Did your family find some fun in the snow, & fun in the house?  Share me some links....I'm gonna need some fresh ideas as it is only February in Michigan!!

Enjoy your day, whether in the snow, sun or rain!  It IS another day you are alive!

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