Friday, February 11, 2011

Too much going on....

and my brain can't come up with anything good to write about.  Sure, I could write about many things going on in my life....

Like how GP (grandma Patty to the new readers) no longer knows her way to the bathroom.  How the Hubs & I take turns sleeping on the couch to keep track of her nocturnal wanderings (2 such wanderings have resulted in us waking up to a smelly mess to clean up).  How she talks like crazy to anyone, & yes even strangers, but there are no words coming out of her mouth.  Just gibberish....ubba, groob, jooms you get my drift!?!?!  It's very sad, at the same time frustrating (for her & us) and mostly tiring.  Who knew that by the time my 2 girlies were fixing themselves lots of snacks, toileting themselves, dressing themselves & bathing themselves; that we would be doing that for GP?  Didn't see this one coming 8 yrs. ago when we married!

All in all in this situation.....God is good & each day is a new beginning (granted it's @ 5 am when GP starts wandering & looking for the bathroom)!

Or, I could write about the fact that my 7 year old daughter is learning how to knit.  She attends a private Christian school, and one of the ladies that volunteers there, as part of the Foster Grandparents Program, is teaching the kiddoes to knit.  Lauryn is very excited about this.  She sat knitting at the table last night as I ate dinner after getting home from work.  Talking away about a book she is reading, telling me cute anecdotes from school, etc.  She mentioned something about having cast on 15, and then when I made her put it down to go to bed she counted 31.  Don't know what that means, but she assured me Grandma Hazel told them to just knit & practice.  Okay, I know I won't be of any help!

I could possibly tell you the fact that I fight with the girlies often about wiping themselves after using the bathroom.  So far these words of mine have fallen on broken ears!  Neither one of them cares, & that really disturbs me to a level I can't even explain.  So this morning as I'm showering the 4 year old (yeah, you've seen her cute little face posted on this blog) comes in to use the bathroom......typical.  I tell her make sure you wipe....typical.  She looks at me & says, "I don't want to.".....typical.  Then I say, "You really need to wipe when you are done going potty."  To which my loverly daughter responds, "Just call me Princess No Wipe"  Huh?!  Are you kidding me....the child is evolved enough to use puns, but can't wipe her butt!!  On top of that to make sure I understood her she repeated it, "Mom, you know PRINCESS NO WIPE!"  Then she waited for me to assure her that yes, yes I did get it (Snow White).  Yep, that's how we are in the mornings....all pun & games.

I could definitely share with you the fact that the hubs & I are drifting worries people.  We are now sleeping in different places, eating meals @ different times (that's been that way for a few years now), caring for two girlies & more for his mom, seems like we are always apart from each other.  Yuck, we gotta get our groove on, & set up some respite time for GP, plan a sleepover for the girlies w/ the other grandparents (or aunty Cheryl) & get us a date planned......

Or if that is too much of a downer I could write about how it's February in MI, & how my emotions are definitely ruled by the matter what I do, what meds I take, or how many comedies I watch....these dreary winter months really wreak havoc on my brain!  I think, feel & deal with the dreaded depression.  Some years are better than others....some not so good.  When the horrible thoughts start plagueing me, I know it's time to plan a mental health day.  You know when thrifting doesn't make my heart beat faster, that it's a very bad day!

There really is so much going on in my home, family & brain that I can't seem to focus on any certain topic to write about.  I could come up with something, maybe, but then it would be so unorganized I'm afraid the readers wouldn't want to come back....

Here are some great linky links to a few of the blogs I've found that really lift my spirits.  Inspire me to be creative & make me laugh!

These are only a few of my favs!  I recently won a giveaway from Breeanna over on A Brilliant Melody.  She sent me a nifty vintage purse (big enough to carry books in!) & a 1950's Encyclopedia of Cooking book (I've already picked out 2 recipe's to try).

There are so many other blogs out there.  For moms, dads, crafters, cooks, bakers, thrifters,'s a never ending community.  A community that supports you as a blogger & gives you something wondrous to do when the winter blues strike!

Much love to the readers of my blog.....thanks for hanging in there with me!  Spring will be here soon!!


  1. Sounds like your going through a lot right now. I know what it's like to take care of some like that. I was a caregiver for a girl with cerebral palsy for almost a year. I would doing overnights at her house and had to help anytime she needed it.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your cookbook!