Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yep, I'm still around!

Frankly, I'm rounder than I'd like to be....but that is beside the point!  I have mentioned in a few posts this past month that the stress around the home has been at an all time high with the care of Greg's mom.  The fact is no matter how much you love someone....sometimes the best thing is to put them in a home where they will be safe.  Where you can have more of a son/mom relationship instead of caregiver/patient one.  GP is getting so much worse, and is doing things that could be harmful to her or someone else (let's just not mention the gas stove knobs, toaster or the pots of soup that she wants to grab & touch, okay? O-Kay)

So she is on a list for a home close to us.  It is small (20 beds) and is situated out in the country with a nice yard.  She will have her own room, with her own personal items & be in a homey setting!  That makes us feel good, even though this is going to be a hard (guilt inducing) step to take.

This blog was started 2 years ago when GP moved in with us, & we were trying to care for her & 2 little girlies (one of which will be 5 tomorrow.....come back to read a spectacular B-day post tomorrow!!).  The change in the home was so very crazy that at times I literally thought I would go insane!  So, we still don't talk about being "Sane" at our house....we just revel in the insanity!

You know, it is stressful being the caregiver to someone with dementia.  Yet, I am not the one suffering from that disease.  It's quite a challenge to deal with a strong willed 7 year old, who thinks she knows more than her parents.  Yet, I don't have a sick child, autistic child or a child with any other disabilities!
I may have a whirling dervish of a 4/5 year old, who still says she doesn't know how to clean up after herself.  Yet, I am not the mother who has only a shrine of toys & clothes in memory of a child who has passed from this life to another!  It isn't always easy to deal with a spouse who is cranky due to stress, tiredness, normal life & a mom who doesn't even realize he's her son anymore. YET, I am glad I don't have to walk this life path alone.  I couldn't & wouldn't be able to live such a blessed life without the hubby!!

I don't want to be a big doom & gloom person.  Who would want to read stuff like that all the time (and I do like to see new followers here).  So I want to share a video that has been really meaningful to me lately....I hear it on the car radio often & have put it on one of my Pandora channels.  This is what I have to tell myself lately.....I am BLESSED!


My prayer for all is that you find your blessings amidst your stresses.  Both BIG & small!

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