Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Pros & Cons....

So here in the heart of Michigan we are finally feeling some warmer weather. Granted it's only about 60* F, but after the frigid winter months that feels good! Real good!!

I am the biggest fan of the Autumn season....but Spring is a very close second. Here are some of the wonderful things about Spring, followed by the ugly side of it.


Pro- snow melts
Con- huge lake & mud in the driveway

Pro- snow melts
Con- the dog crap defrosts & shows up all over the yard

Pro- longer daylight hours
Con- harder to get girlies to go to sleep

Pro- Amish are tappin maple trees to make syrup
Con- Amish are plowing fields & spreading manure

Pro- no more heavy coats & boots by the door
Con- dirt & mud @ the door

Pro- opening windows after a long closed up winter
Con- smelling the aforementioned manure

Pro- girlies have spring break
Con- girlies have spring break

So there you have it a list of the pros & cons of got anything to add? I bet you do!!

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  1. I love that the Amish factor into you seasonal pros and cons. :)