Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Someone's Birthday....

Vogue!  Mar 2011--our Sweet Girly!
and I'm not Foolin'!!!

FIVE years ago this morning @ 3:45 am, in Murfreesboro, TN. This very large pregnant woman went into the story starts!  I laid there for an hour timing the contractions & found that they were about 5-7 minutes apart.  Having been induced with the first girly, I hadn't experienced the timing of the contraction fun!!

I woke the hubby up & we showered, dressed & got ready to go.  We went upstairs & told my parents, who had traveled down from Michigan to help out for the first week or so...that we were going to be going to the hospital, so keep an ear out for Lauryn waking up!

Well, we were actually back home by the time she woke up....yep, that's right the nurse sent me home to "rest & walk around", I was dilated to 3 cm & they thought that I would be more comfortable @ home until I was further along!

This is when it gets a little blurry....I guess the mommy/preggo hormones kicked in & my mind started obsessing focusing on the fact that I had no newborn Spring/Summer clothes (Lauryn was born in November).  So after eating some breakfast, and walking around, & waiting for my nephew to get some school work done (my mom was helping him). I convinced my mother that we had to go out & buy some clothes for the baby!!  So after lunch, around 1 pm. we took off, with my other nephew who was 4 months old at the time, & went SHOPPING!!

We made our way around town, (I was walking people!) stopping @ all the consignment stores, thrift stores I could find.  My contractions were still rocking about every 5 minutes...but I was determined to get them going so they wouldn't send me home again!!!

Well, at 5:30 pm I decided since I wasn't able to walk upright anymore that it was prob'ly time to head home, & maybe take a break!

So we got home @ 6 pm.  Called hubby to come home from a service @ church @ 6:30 pm.  Left for hospital @ 7 pm when he got home. Was in triage @ 7:30 pm.  Moved to delivery @ 8 pm.  Begged the anesthesiologist for an epidural, and as he was trying to insert needle....the water broke!  8:13 pm; my dark haired, tiny (7lb. 11oz. is small in my family) little girlie was born!!!

Our family hasn't been the same since!

Liyah Gail: happy, funny, opinionated, whirling dervish, & all around great kid has been a wonderful addition to the family.  I'm so glad God gave her to me.  There is no other that could be the foil to her sister's, shall we say, pessimistic attitude to life!

Of course, this blog wouldn't have come to being without the antics of Liyah!  She was a crawler (Lauryn wasn't) which meant I got to experience her getting into anything & everything she could reach!
She still to this day can empty a drawer in 3 seconds flat, & move on to something else while leaving that mess!!

If I could guesstimate what she would like to be when she grows designer, makeup artiste or chef/baker!  For those are her favorite things.....

If you happen to see my little girly today, wish her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Christmas 2005

The Fashion Star!

If truth be told, she's rather dress like this most days!

How it used to be after she blew through the house all day!

I love you Liyah, here's another birthday hug for you!!!

PS.  I chose Liyah's name & spelling from an Oprah show.  She had an African super model on one day when the hubs & I were fighting  debating choosing names!  He wanted Lucy & I didn't.....anywhooo...
I told him he could have the "horizontal mamba" every night for a week, if I could name her Liyah.  Well, you know how that story ends (*wink*wink*).  Let's just say he bargained me down to 3 nights, and was satisfied, all around!

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