Saturday, April 2, 2011

Surviving 5 years!

Yep, Liyah was 5 on the first of April...believe me, I prayed I'd make it past that date!

Her birthday was quite the day!!

She took treats to preschool. Wore the birthday hat & had all her friends sing "Happy Birthday" to her.
She invited 4 friends from church over for a little birthday party in the evening!

Since Greg had the day off, he was in charge of fixing dinner for the kiddoes!! I think he was a little worried about that, but after walking him through the pig in a blanket process....he did fine!!

The kids ate, played, had cake & ice cream, played & watched a movie!

A great time was had by all!!
I pray, Liyah, that you continue to grow, smile & love the next 5 years like you have the first 5!!!!

Happy about the cake--pink, purple & ballerina!!

Ah, the frenzy of opening exciting!

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