Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A late Mother's day.....

Picture Post:

I'm obviously a poor self-portrait taker....
This girly made me breakfast in bed....she of course came in to tell me to stay in bed while she made it. I drowsily said, "okay" & dozed off until she brought it in.

This little sweetie gave hugs & kisses...& homemade cards.

Both of my girls sang a beautiful song for a Mother's Day special @ church! Lauryn even had a brief solo part!

After a wonderfully, delicious lunch buffet....the girls picked up sparkly rocks & I snapped a few pics of them.

Lauryn's Sunday school class gave the kids some pretty pansies to give to to find time to plant them!!!

Yeah, for mothers & getting a special day!!! I enjoyed mine, how 'bout you?

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