Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm not a cookie baker...

never have been. More than likely, @ this stage in life, never will be. Something about the scoop, bake, repeat every 10 minutes that doesn't appeal to me.

Being a mother with daughter's, I do want to teach them their way around a kitchen. My 5 year old seems more interested in the domesticity of life than the 7 year old.
The other day when I asked them if they wanted to make some cookies I got an enthusiastic response from both. It may have something to do with the inherited sweet tooth, it may have something to do with getting down & messy!
I had just been out that morning yard saleing & picked up a Cookie cookbook, for .25!! Score!

Since I'm not a baker...I don't usually have a bunch of "fancy" ingredients for special cookies. The girls wanted something they could sprinkle some colored sugars on (don't ask how long they've been in the pantry!?!)

Let's take a quick look @ this recipe shall we....ingredient #4 is, buttermilk or sour cream. Now, let's give me credit for this, I know that vinegar mixed with regular milk will make the equivalent of buttermilk. I had sour cream so we took off with the measuring & the mixin'.
Can you tell who didn't like the smell of sour cream!!!?!!

Ha ha, both girls were covering their noses & whining...ah, yes just another reason I don't like to bake, picky kids!

So we made the required messes (something this momma doesn't like...)& finally had our finished dough!

On to the fun stuff, scooping & sprinkling & baking!!

Then momma gets to do the rest of the work....

We made a pile of 'em as the recipe made 5 dozen!! Then come to find out....both girls liked the raw dough better than the cooked version! Yeah for me & my diet......

Then of course no one wants to help with this part of the baking.....yet another good reason I don't like to bake!!!

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