Monday, May 16, 2011

O happy day....

I get the extreme privilege of weeding the front flower beds. Two years ago when GP moved in (that January) making & tending some flower gardens was....let's just say, therapeutic! Let's just say they were/are LARGE! Actually, I don't remember them being as large as they were today....

Hey, you gotta imagine this all covered w/ dead leaves, last years flower detritus & quack grass up the yahoo.
It's a big bed tho' I hauled in over 100lbs each of top soil & manure to fill it....yeah, you thought GP had the mental problem!

Well, I spent 3 hours out there. My trusty shovel, hoe & rake helping me. Funny after about 5 minutes of picking up stuff I hoed up that was the only help I had, seeing the 2 legged ones disappeared!

This girl was no help either, although she was entertaining me batting @ the grasses I pulled out.

This little dude, & 2 others I came across, will help out in many different ways!

Finally, got my Mother's Day pansies set in the garden. With the daffodils my mom planted for me last fall....& our little rose bush we planted for GP 2 years ago!!
My holly hocks are growing big!! We've got some seeds to plant later today (after mommy tries to get rid of this sinus headache w/ some medicine & a nap!!)

Then I think I'll just have the big, strong man of the house take care of this mess....

Happy planting to you!!!

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