Monday, May 23, 2011

Some pics....

Not much to say. I KNOW surprising huh!!??

I just thought I'd share a few pics I've taken w/ the Instagram app on this sweet iPhone I own. Yeah, the one my mom said I couldn't live a week without!!

Anywhooo! Enjoy!

A couple pics I snapped on my way home from work last Friday!!

A walk in the woods after work. 2nd pic is wild strawberries, they seem to be all over this year.

This is what happens after a busy week, fell asleep 1/2 way thru Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets.

Enjoying the wonderful weather outside Sunday afternoon & evening. It was cooler out under the cherry tree than in the house!

On my kitchen windowsill...they just make me smile!

After breakfast...couldn't help but take this pic cause the colors were so pretty!!

Eh, it's a lazy post. I will say that there is a really fun post coming this Thurs. or Friday!!

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