Sunday, May 1, 2011

A time for everything....

& everything in it's time!

Last weekend was Easter weekend. As most blogs that I read & follow are mother/family oriented there were Easter pictures & family moments a plenty that were shared. If any of you were looking to this blogger to fulfill your need for Easter bunnies/candy/decor/dinner sharing, well you missed out. I apologize that I wasn't there to keep all your pastel & Peter rabbit dreams alive.

I was here.....

In the ER w/ Greg & GP. She had severe dehydration & severe UTI (something that took me a few days to figure out due to her not being able to talk).

She was there all weekend, came home on Tuesday & we were able to get her settled in the Assisted Living Home on Wednesday. I'm glad to say that she is doing great. Our plan is that she gets stronger & able to get up & about on her own accord real soon!

So this weekend, the hubby & I had no GP responsibilities, & my mom volunteered to take the girlies FOR BOTH FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS!! Woot-Woot!!

Greg & I had bought tickets for his 40th birthday for a Need to Breathe concert on April 30th.
Everything in it's time right!!

So, after catching up on some sleep (this crazy, lazy mom slept til 9:30 on Saturday morning & 10:30 this morning!) & enjoying some quiet uninterrupted coffee we started getting "dressed up" for our big date!!

Here it is in pics....much quicker than me babbling on & on & on.....

Checking under the hood, and filling up on gas!! The man learns his lesson folks!!

The handsome Hubs driving & enjoying adult conversation (not THAT kind of adult....but no kids talking/yelling/ get the picture)!

Freedom of the open road! Are you parents ever tempted to take an "extended vacation" when you are free of kids, enjoying the company on a road trip? Yeah, we went there in our minds...

Of course dinner was a given before the concert...have to have energy to keep up with all the youngins in the mosh pit....HAH!
Greg's choice, he can't say no to Cracker Barrel. Of course, I've never had a bad meal there so I didn't complain!!

Mmmm- that's how they do dinner @ CB.....greens, okra & cornbread!

At CB they have this fascinating peg game, just in case you didn't know how dumb you were before you sat down!!

We weren't too far back in the line....that's because when we stopped for our last potty break I didn't wait in the long ladies line...I used the men's room when Greg was done!! HAH again!! Ahem, maybe I'm not looking so dumb now, am I, little peg game....

THE BEST NIGHT IN A VERY LONG TIME!!!! Yeah for good music! This group has been asked by Taylor Swift to open @ her summer tour concerts. I must say, TS has a large following (I'm not a fan) but these guys in Need to Breathe are gonna show her up in talent, lyrics & musicality! I'm not partial....just sayin!

Well, things around here seem too happen in one way or the other. This week it was a fast process of getting GP healthy, settled & paperwork done! Then a whirlwind weekend! As always around here we were a little insane. Running around like crazy between ER, hospital, home & nursing home amidst getting the girls to school & regular family details. Yet, this weekend made up for all the crazies!

I'm blessed! How was your week?

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