Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes it's in....

the Details!

When I find things out thrifting there are certain things that I buy out of necessity. Clothes for the Girlies, items for etsy, or storage needs (baskets r cheap in the thrifts people!).

Then there are things that I buy because they make me smile. The little things, the details are aesthetically pleasing to me.
I walked through the house this morning a took a few snapshots of things that I have decorated my home with. They make me feel comfy, at home, settled, happy when I walk in & see them! They aren't what I live for....but they sure make living a little brighter! Enjoy!

Chenille Bedspread


Pleated Lampshade


Pictures in Girlies rooms

A Worn but Pretty Wedgewood Plate


Vintage Globes

Huge Vintage Twig Basket I store linens in

I hope you all have items around your home that make you smile when you see them. Be it a memory from when or where or who you got it with. Or maybe just an inexpensive item you brought home from the thrift cause it was delightful to you!!

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