Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Latest but prob'ly not....

Greatest. This weekend to keep myself occupied I decided to do a small project that has literally been sitting in the living room for quite a few months.

I bought this set of HomeCo owls @ GW for .99 each. They were kinda fun as they were. The one owl had a look of "whatever" on his face, similar to the eye rolling my oldest is trying to perfect.

Hmmm, they are both lucky I don't knock their blocks off!! Haha

Well, I happened to have a set of quail that I bought @ GW almost a year ago while on vacation. I liked the all white look, it makes a statement. Since I'm trying to act like I know about decor, I tho't maybe I should take some paint to the owls too.....

Matchy-matchy is good....right!?

Well, I decided to do the deed this weekend & here's how it turned out....

The brownness & the yellow eyes!!

Gonna get 'er done!!

Layer one.....covered well. Four layers later...

The finished product back on the dusty stand!! I like'em. May do another layer of high gloss paint to get 'em nice & shiny!!

See no more annoyed facial expressions!! Haha

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  1. Way to tackle those projects. Now you have snow owls

  2. i have those quails they were my grandmas! and i LOVE how the owls turned out so chic!