Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Reason We sing....

"I don't know why you say 'goodbye', I say 'hello'"!

Because it makes us feel so much better about the girls being all contrary & obstinate every day! The funniest thing is this is Lauryn's new "favorite" song! It's soooo her, it really isn't funny!

You readers think I kid....au contraire mon fraire!!! When the oldest girly was just a wee one, oh, around 2 yrs maybe, we lived in Nashville, TN.  One of our favorite things to do was to go to the park early in the morning before the heat was unbearable (at least I thought it was).
One morning we were walking to the swings & I in my ever cheerful, optimistic, cup half full, sunny side up mood (you do know sarcasm when you read it don't you!?) said this, "Oh, Lauryn, isn't this a beautiful day! The sky is blue, the grass is green, the flowers are so pretty!" To which my 2YO said, (quite petulantly I must say),"NO. The sky isn't blue, the grass isn't green and the flowers are NOT pretty mommy!!"(TRUE STORY).

AHEM! Yes, folks it true....I did not raise her to be this way....she just came out talking this way!

So, I really do get a kick out of that Beatles song....it's a dead ringer for my oldest!!!

(y'all know I love her anyway....and can argue with her all day about who's right!!  HAHAHA!)

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  1. Have you noticed that the Beatles look kinda like the Wiggles in this video?