Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Week of Summer Vacay...

shared in pictures (Thanks in part to Instagram app on my iPhone!).

We'll start with last Saturday....Picnic @ our church with food, kids games & a short ball game for the old "fogies"....hahaha! I shouldn't laugh Greg was out there!

Then came Saturday night...popped some potatoes in foil and put them in the crock pot to cook overnight (Thanks Pinterest)....crock on low heat from about 9 pm Saturday until noon on Sunday. (I did check them Sunday before church and moved the top layer to the bottom and the bottom ones on top). They were perfectly done, and moist!

Got to start a book I found at the Library...who could pass up a book about a vintage clothing store! BTW I haven't gotten very far, when I do have time to read, I usually end up falling asleep (late nights).

Sunday, the usual, church and family day! We had Chicken, Potatoes and leftovers from the Church picnic! Nap for me....

Monday: Greg's @ work and the girl's and I get out of the house for the last girl's day out before school. They both wanted to get their ears pierced. Turns out only the eldest has the guts to actually see it through!
Lunch, park, thrift store (only 1 cause they can't handle it!! hehe) and then an ice cream break before home!

Caught this naughty little guy, who's been eating out cat food all summer long! Cute, but not very nice!

We went to a town an hour away to go to the Aunt Millie's bread thrift store. Spend a gift card at a store we don't have close to us, and get some dinner.  We happened to run across a new place famous for their coney dogs (yes, they were delicious, both of them!)
We ate in good company!

Original Neon sign for the Pixie Drive in from 1948

I had a little mixer envy. The color!

Original car speakers, now plays tunes from the jukebox @ the tables!

Snapped a picture of my morning glories. They are about the only flowers you can see in my flower garden this summer. Can you spell N-E-G-L-E-C-T? Yeah, Jeanette!!

Then the best part of my whole week....found my perfect couch on Craigslist! It was only a 40 minute drive away (which is totally awesome when you live out in the boonies!) and in such good condition that I didn't even have to clean, spray or otherwise de-smell it! I love when things come from smoke free, pet free homes, don't you?

Oh! These Chairs?! They were in the room with the couch. When my mom found out they were $25 each, she whipped out her check book and bought them for us!  Thanks mom, they are comfy, and the girls think they are their personal thrones!!!

AHHHH! A good week, and now we are ready for the FIL to come for the long holiday weekend (pssst we had only one chair in the living room until we got this furniture, NOT conducive to having company huh!?). Bring it on!!

R U enjoying family this weekend? or going it alone to stay away from the crazy family traffic?

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  1. Love the couch and chairs! The couch reminds me of Rachel's on the Smile and Wave blog, I have been looking for one just like it ever since! Love your blog!