Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Her days off...

Are gonna be quite busy, I just know it!!

Liyah has Kindergarten on Monday, Wednesday & Friday's. So she has 2 days home, while big sister still has to go to school!!

Liyah is quite the imaginary player. She has always liked cooking, baking & serving food to any & all that find a seat in her "cafe".

Last Thursday Greg & I happened to both be at home, so she had our undivided attention for a good hour plus....

I've bought up some pieces of Melamine from the thrifts...hoping to have the girls playhouse done before they get too old to give a care!

Her "cafe" served all things yummy & delectable! She was the perfect hostess!

Always making sure you had a cup full of lemonade, tea or coffee!!

I have a feeling this is gonna be my new favorite place to eat! Wether I like it or not!!

Do your kiddos love to play imaginary scenarios? Do they include you?

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