Saturday, September 17, 2011

Livin' It Up....

Skunky Style!!

Well, a few months ago, we noticed an animal (or multiple animals) were feasting on the cat's food. Knocking over the barrel & chowing down on a free midnight feast.

Being the frugal people we are, we didn't take too kindly to these wild critters comin over & helping themselves.

So we got a live trap from a neighbor friend & decided we'd see what would come about....

Specimen #1:

Granted, it's cute. But, when this rascal & all his brothers, sisters, aunts & mothers come over for's a LOT of kibble!!

We set the trap a couple more times that week & didn't catch any more critters.

Then late last night, there was a huge crash on the back porch. Being the brave one...okay, maybe I was the only adult awake, I went & investigated. My planter had gotten knocked down & broken, & the cat was watching & hissing @ something in the yard.

I did what any true country girl would do. Walked out barefooted, threw some cat food in the trap & set it.....

Specimen #2:

Yes, this is taken from inside the house...I did open the window to get a clear view (window washing is low on the cleaning list). Let's just say this critter is even cuter than the raccoon....the question now is, "What the HECK do we do with this bag of stinky bones?"

The only thing we could think of...

YouTube Video

Yes, the little ingrate did spray...TWICE! Yes, it was the husband who went out & opened the trap door. Yes, it smells like skunk outside our house....HORRIBLY like skunk. Yes, the husband stripped down & I'm washing clothes & tennis shoes in vinegar, baking soda & peroxide!!

Let's hope the stink leaves really quick!!
Here's some more video I took while the man was trying to open the trap, please excuse the laughing...I sound like a pack a day smoker, but really it was from the cat sleeping w/ me last night (allergies)...

YouTube Video

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