Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm having an Affair....

with Pinterest (.com)! It's a wonderful place where you can pin all things splendid on your "boards". To prove that I'm in the throes of all the loveliness, I have made 27 Boards and have pinned 472 items (pic, websites, stories, blogs that I find in my web browsing) to these boards.

Things I have learned about myself, by having this affair: I like the color aqua/turquoise or whatever you want to call it. I like it paired with many other colors; orange, red, yellow, pinks...yeah, it's like black or white to me, it goes with anything!!

One of my favorite boards has been my recipe board. Which I like to call "Tastes and Treats".
I have had the audacity to bring this affair into my home, nee right into my kitchen and dining rooms!! I thought I'd share some links and pics with you from my "Tastes and Treats" board. Some recipes I've made, some I'm gonna be doing soon!

Here are a few that I plan on trying soon!

I'm looking forward to cooler weather, where oatmeal and warm baked goodies will taste so good!
How about you? Are you a Pinterest addict?  I will share more of my pinterest pins throughout the winter months! What else is there to do in Michigan when the temp is below freezing.....?  

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