Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A time for...

SCHOOL!!! Yea!! School started today! 8:30 on the dot...the Girlies were fed, uniformed, brushed (teeth & hair), backpacks & lunches at the ready!

I had two excited girls, one with the face of "been there done this" & one with the face of "I'm sooo excited I can't stand it"!

This momma is looking forward to controlling the remote, eating lunch w/o the "but I don't like that" complaint & having some peace & quiet! Until school is dismissed for the day, then I will be glad to hear their voices telling me about their first day!
Then I will be looking forward to putting them in bed....having peace & quiet again!

Get a load of this 4th grader!! Yikes!

The big K girly! She's posin' cause she can!

How bout you Mom's out there? Are you glad the kids are back in school? Or are you bemoaning the fact summer is over & you don't get to play with the kids...
I'm a very happy momma, it helps that the girls get so excited to go to school!!
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