Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This past Saturday, we had quite an experience! Call it a tornado, call it straight line winds...who knows. All we knew as the girls were screaming in the living room and the 3 adults were looking out the windows and trying to calm them, it was WINDY!!!

I was looking out the window as the rain was causing a white out and the hail was starting to hit the windows, as soon as I saw a small maple tree in the front yard hit the proverbial "dust", I made my way back to the living room to stand with the others and watch as the 30 seconds of terror hit our humble abode.

Then this is what we walked out to.....

This is just a few of the 12 large trees that were taken down in the cemetery across the road from us!

Thankfully, we are all okay! I'm sure that the way my girls see storms will be changed forever...they may not sleep through a storm any more!

Compared to the devestation throughout the world and the United States this year, this is but a small porch roof in the front yard, as opposed to those who have lost their whole home!

We are so very blessed and grateful for the safety that was afforded us!

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