Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am a One Pot Wonder!!

Don't mean to brag or nothin', but when it comes time to cook some dinner or any meal for family/friends I am a One Pot Wonder!!

You know, we have no electric dishwasher in the Frumpy keeping dishes to a minimum on most days is high on my priority list! As my parents used to say, our dishwasher has a kick starter...we are working hard at getting the girlies to do more chores around here.

So today I knew that my dad and Greg would be replacing the roof on our back porch (the one that blew off in the furious storm). Mom gave me some turkey sausage, and I was gonna make a pot of soup for everyone's lunch.

A little this, a little that...that's how I cook, and I do it all in one pot! See here...

Step 1: the right sized biggest was called for today as we were gonna have 2 of my cousins down for the day also!

Step 2: chop onion, garlic & put them in the pot w/ your sausage (or chicken or burger or whatever your meat would be). Cook it up until the meat is done.

Step 3: while that is cooking, chop your raw veggies. Like I said, I don't measure...just decide the amount of each that you will want.

Step 4: open your I used Italian seasoned diced tomatoes, diced tomatoes, canned pinto beans & a small can of tomato sauce. Along with about 4 of those carrots & the potatoes.

Step 5: put any other canned or frozen veg in after those have been added. I had peas & corn in the freezer.

Step 6: put enough liquid in your pan to cover the fresh & frozen veggies while they cook. I poured in 1/2 a box of chicken broth & 1 tomato can full of water....see how nifty I am about not dirtying dishes, who needs a measuring cup!!

Step 7: stir it all together bring to low boil. Cook until the fresh veggies (carrots & potatoes in my pot) are cooked to your preference. Personally, I DON NOT like mushy potatoes in my soup.

Final step in this One Pot Wonder meal....set the table and eat already!!!!

If you have leftovers like I did today...put some in a jar and send it home with your company, or stick it in your fridge! Quick & easy lunch during your work week!!

Lunch was sooooo good, and Lauryn did the dishes....she really shouldn't have been whining about doing them either, there could've been a LOT more for her to do!! She doesn't know how nice her momma really is!!!!!

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