Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I was thinking....

That I would do a little repurposing on a fun thrift find today. Now, I can't make up my mind...that's not at all unusual for me,heh!

Quick backstory, Wednesdays are the one day of the week that Greg & I have totally to ourselves (well, between the hours of 8 am & 3 pm). So, today we thought we'd take a road trip...which for us is code name for thrifting!

We went to Manistee, about 2 hours north, on Lake Michigan. Found a GW on the main drag & stopped...natch!

Found some fun records...

Asked if there were any other thrifts in town...directed to a Salvation Army just up the road. Good shopping day there...records .10 & books .25. Yep, you read that right...

I couldn't resist....digging, digging, digging!! Makes me HAPPY!

Saw this box full of hard covered, beautiful colored books; "The Family Creative Workshop" Published in 1975.

Can you compute!? Instead of $24, I paid only $6!!! SCORE X infinity!!

Here was my thought...I'll use these beautiful book covers & make journal/art sketch pads. There are 24 books, all wonderful designs.

Here's a sample of 6 covers.

A closer shot of another! Gorgeous huh!!

Now, here's the conundrum...I like what is in these...awesome info on crafts, design, homemade goods, etc.

Stitching techniques....hibachi making...building a kayak (not kidding!). It's in there!

Do I keep them as a set? Add them to my library? Pull them apart & keep what I like for reference (in a notebook or file)?
Help me people...

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